What is Groep-één?

The University Council is the representative advisory board of the University, towards the Board of Executives. The council consists of 9 seats for students and 9 for staff. For more than 20 years now, Groep-één is a fraction of student-representatives in the University Council and an important link between the Executive Board and the students.

University council?

Policies and plans that are developed by the TU/e can have enormous consequences for both current and prospective students. Therefore it is of great importance that these developments are looked at from a student's point of view, and to monitor the policy carried out by the Executive Board.

Because of this, Groep-één holds regular meetings on university matters with parties such as policymakers, other students and our national branch: ISO. In the meetings with the Board of Executives, the University Council has the right to approve and/or reject certain decisions, or fulfill an advisory role.


Groep-één envisions the preconditions of a good university to be guaranteeing quality education, offering possibilities for students to expand your education with extra-curricular activities and supporting TU/e-wide facilities. We believe that the TU/e can build upon the things Groep-één stands for.

Our candidates

2018 Achievements

  • Board grants

    The university should support people that promote the TU/e community. That is why last year we pushed for tuition free board years in order to support these active students, they now receive €1000 of their tuition money back.

  • Prevented the 12h schedule

    By involving students into the discussion about the schedule change for the university, we managed to prevent the adoption of a 12 hour schedule.

  • TU/e Language Policy

    Teachers will be required to have C1 English which will improve the quality of education and make it easier for all students to follow lectures.

  • Metaforum only accessible to TU/e students during exam weeks

    There are limited study places on campus, by making sure that only TU/e students can access the library during exam weeks, we increased the amount of spots for the students for whom those facilities are meant.

2019 Goals

  • Student input for USE learning lines

    With the Bachelor College evaluation arriving in 2020, we want to evaluate the content of the different USE learning lines to see the nature of improvements that can be made, and be ready to discuss which lines are worth keeping.

  • Longer opening hours for facilities

    The Universities different buildings have different opening times, by having a uniform scheme for the opening and closing times of buildings (7:00-23:00) and Metaforum past 12:00, we hope to offer students a consistent study environment that allows them to finish deadlines on Campus.

  • Cheaper laptops

    The University’s laptops cost nearly €1000 because of a business line graphics card that most students don’t need, by looking into options for replacing this by the consumer line, laptops will be €400 cheaper for students.

  • Relieving Student Pressure

    Under increasing pressure for their environment and also from themselves, students need to be made more aware of the opportunities the university provides to support them. We will take an active role with the university to make those mechanisms clear for students as well as look for additional measures for it.

  • Financial Support for Student Teams

    Student Teams are the image of the university abroad and are a hotbed of innovation, because of their crucial role in selling the TU/e brand, we think that the people making this happen deserve to be supported financially during their time at Student Teams.

  • Student Organizations involved in TU/e policy

    Associations have an important role on the campus in terms of student well-being by forming safety nets for students as well as ensuring that they have a place to call home on campus. Moreover they provide career and educational services for the university which is why we believe that there should be a role for them to play in the University’s policy.

Our approach

  • Studying is not limited to classes

    The principle of Groep-één is: studying is not limited to classes. This means that during the time that you are studying, you also develop yourself personally. Groep-één believes this personal development is equally important as studying and influences policies to support this.

  • Practical experience

    Groep-één is very practical for a political party and has been active on the TU/e for about 35 years. The fraction of Groep-één mostly consists of students who already have some experience with the workings of the TU/e. Therefore, the fraction already knows how to bring certain problems to the attention of the TU/e and how they can make their initiatives successful.

  • Large network

    Because Groep-één has already been active for about 20 years, we have a large network of students within the university. This network enables us to be informed at all times of certain problems students are experiences and allows us to solve these problems in a quick and efficient manner.

  • Constructive relationship with the Executive Board

    The relationship we have with the Executive Board is very informal and constructive. This means that the fraction is often invited to informal meetings, where we can say what’s on our (and your) minds regarding certain (draft) policies. We can influence these policies in an early stage and correct certain ideas the Executive Board might have about student life.

  • Active nationwide

    Influencing policies is something we don’t only do on the TU/e. Via the international organization for students, named the ISO, we can also influence the governmental policies made in Den Haag concerning higher education.