What is Groep-één|ESR?

The University Council is the representative advisory board of the University, towards the Board of Executives. The council consists of 9 seats for students and 9 for staff. For more than 20 years now, Groep-één|ESR is a fraction of student-representatives in the University Council and an important link between the Executive Board and the students.

University council?

Policies and plans that are developed by the TU/e can have enormous consequences for both current and prospective students. Therefore it is of great importance that these developments are looked at from a student's point of view, and to monitor the policy carried out by the Executive Board.

Because of this, Groep-één|ESR holds regular meetings on university matters with parties such as policymakers, other students and our national branch: ISO. In the meetings with the Board of Executives, the University Council has the right to approve and/or reject certain decisions, or fulfill an advisory role.


Groep-één|ESR envisions the preconditions of a good university to be guaranteeing quality education, offering possibilities for students to expand your education with extra-curricular activities and supporting TU/e-wide facilities. We believe that the TU/e can build upon the things Groep-één|ESR stands for.

Our candidates

Achievements last year

  • Investments in Education

    When the ‘basisbeurs’ was abolished, this money had to be reinvested into education. We took the lead in distributing these funds, to ensure all students would benefit. For example, €100.000 from the “Basisbeurs” goes into career orientation and preparation for students.

  • Student Wellbeing

    We founded the student wellbeing umbrella: an initiative to join forces to tackle student wellbeing issues such as work pressure. By organizing multiple events, we provided insight into the causes and possible solutions.

  • Sports center instead of parking

    After our insistence, the TU/e decided to renovate the Student Sports Center instead of building a new parking garage. We believe that healthy and sustainable choices should be promoted. An alternative plan to outsource parking to a third party was scrapped after we pointed out many flaws.

  • USE evaluation

    Students have very differing experiences with USE courses. At out initiative, USE was explicitly included in the evaluation of the Bachelor College. The TU/e will now have to use this information to improve the quality of USE.

  • Data Protection

    When the university revealed its plans for data analytics to enhance education, we got involved to protect the privacy of students. By drafting rules for these ‘learning analytics’, we ensured that your data will not be used for grading. For example, the lecturer will never find out when you started studying for your exam.

Earlier Achievements

  • Board grants

    Previously, Groep-één has accomplished an increase in the amount of money allocated to boards, to relieve financial stress and show more appreciation to students doing a board year.

  • Prevented the 12h schedule

    By involving students into the discussion about the schedule change for the university, we managed to prevent the adoption of a 12 hour schedule. That means your lectures will not continue into the late evening.

  • Teacher English Level

    In 2018, we ensured that all new hired teachers need an English level of at least C1. There is training available for teachers that already work at TU/e to get them at the same level. A good level of English for teachers improves education quality.

2020 Goals

  • Quality of Education

    More educational guidance, for instance individual supervision during your BEP and Master Thesis

  • Student Housing

    Explore creative student housing solutions on the TU/e campus

  • Diversity

    Install a TU/e project group diversity, to stimulate a diverse and inclusive TU/e community

  • Student Wellbeing

    Further investigate ways to improve student wellbeing, by bundling all initiatives and solutions from different parties involved

  • Facilities

    The possibility to book rooms during the weekends and evenings

  • Extracurricular achievements

    A fair allocation process of board grants

Our approach

  • Studying is not limited to classes

    The principle of Groep-één|ESR is: studying is not limited to classes. This means that during the time that you are studying, you also develop yourself personally. Groep-één|ESR believes this personal development is equally important as studying and influences policies to support this.

  • Practical experience

    Groep-één|ESR is very practical for a political party and has been active on the TU/e for about 35 years. The fraction of Groep-één mostly consists of students who already have some experience with the workings of the TU/e. Therefore, the fraction already knows how to bring certain problems to the attention of the TU/e and how they can make their initiatives successful.

  • Large network

    Because Groep-één|ESR has already been active for about 35 years, we have a large network of students within the university. This network enables us to be informed at all times of certain problems students are experiences and allows us to solve these problems in a quick and efficient manner.

  • Constructive relationship with the Executive Board

    The relationship we have with the Executive Board is very informal and constructive. This means that the fraction is often invited to informal meetings, where we can say what’s on our (and your) minds regarding certain (draft) policies. We can influence these policies in an early stage and correct certain ideas the Executive Board might have about student life.

  • Active nationwide

    Influencing policies is something we don’t only do on the TU/e. Via the international organization for students, named the ISO, we can also influence the governmental policies made in Den Haag concerning higher education.