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What is Groep-één?

The University Council is the representative advisory board of the University, towards the Board of Executives. The council consists of 9 seats for students and 9 for staff. For more than 20 years now, Groep-één is a fraction of student-representatives in the University Council and an important link between the Executive Board and the students.

University Council

Policies and plans that are developed by the TU/e can have enormous consequences for both current and prospective students. Therefore it is of great importance that these developments are looked at from a student's point of view, and to monitor the policy carried out by the Executive Board.

Because of this, Groep-één holds regular meetings on university matters with parties such as policymakers, other students and our national branch: ISO. In the meetings with the Board of Executives, the University Council has the right to approve and/or reject certain decisions, or fulfill an advisory role.


Groep-één envisions the preconditions of a good university to be guaranteeing quality education, offering possibilities for students to expand your education with extra-curricular activities and supporting TU/e-wide facilities. We believe that the TU/e can build upon the things Groep-één stands for.

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Our Candidates

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This year, Groep-één managed to officially get a TU/e employee appointed to work on diversity for students. This employee is working on getting the university more inclusive by making new proposals and providing help to the university itself, but also to students and associations.

Student Well-being

Last year, Groep-één has been busy in setting up a university-wide network of all parties in our university that were busy on this topic. Together they are sharing experiences and ideas and working together on improving our students’ well-being.

Personal Development

This year, we all had to cope with the COVID-19 crisis and we noticed in some cases a board year caused more time, stress or work. Giving them more stress around fulfilling the requirements for a board grant would have been unfair and undesired. Therefore we ensured a relaxation of these requirement to help them and keep them motivated for their board year.

Next to that, we also pushed for abolishing the entrance requirements for a board grant. After a second legal case this year, the university changed its policy. Before, you had to have your Propaedeutic exam and you should have had obtained 75% of your nominal study pace. These rules are not in place anymore.

This year, career orientation and development was officially included in the program.

Quality of Education

Due to corona, the engagement of students was under attack in the fast developing change of education. Groep-één has worked very hard to keep the student engagement as close to what it normally is. Critical but constructive feedback on proposals helped our education remain high in quality.


Groep-één has tried to raise as much attention as possible for this community building. From our small contribution at the TU/e Radio, towards a TU/e Summer University and towards participation in the design of the onboarding of new students as well as the student mentors for master students who were new at this university. We stressed the importance of community life by speaking up and acting on it!


We have pushed for extra financial support for students, associations and student teams. Examples like the career expo that was cancelled during the first day, study trips that got cancelled, Student teams that had a hard time finding new members, international students that had no financial income anymore and no way of getting any DUO loans, or students that were experiencing expensive delay in their program because of the crisis. We have pushed for attention on these cases and a proper plan and in the meantime, a lot of compensations have been drawn up!

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Next year, we also want to improve on a better admission policy for internationalization. All students should be our priority and we believe the university should think of a proper policy to have a fair admission process.

Student Well-being

Next year, we also want to tackle the undiscovered well-being issues at our student community. We are working with the university on a proposal to have an employee dedicated to structural wellbeing issues. The pressure on students and the need for personal attention is high and we want students to excel in this university in a safe and healthy way.

Personal Development

In the upcoming year, we want more money to be available for board members and student team members, as currently there is not enough money to give everyone the compensation that was meant for them.

Next year, we want to get more recognition and support for extra-curricular activitiesin general. There are plenty of things you could do next to your courses, but we encourage good guidance along these activities. This can be done e.g. via personal and/or digital coaching.

Quality of Education

As our university is growing, we need to focus on how to maintain, or restore the personal aspect in your courses. But also during your graduation phase of the bachelor and master. There should be time for you to excel, and that needs good coaching from the moment you step in this university, until the moment you graduate.

Next year, Groep-één will again be working hard on the best allocation of the Dutch ‘basic grant’ (basisbeurs) for our students. It is ‘our’ money, so it should go to good quality of education for our students.


Groep-één is in close contact with parties that work on sustainability on our campus. By close cooperation, we want to get a university wide mindset on the importance of sustainability.


For the upcoming year, we want to continue working on community life, and in particular on the accessibility of our campus and the community. There should be sufficient facilities for all associations and teams to contribute to this community building and we will stand up for that.


Groep-één wants to also work on the availability of facilities outside of corona. For the quality of our education, it is important to have access to the software we need to study. For materials the same should hold. It is undesired to have students pay a lot of money for the top shelf software they need, or to have them using alternative software that doesn’t provide the needed skill and knowledge on the software you will use later on.

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